Call Connection Service Vanquis: 0843 504 7370 Calls cost 7p/min + your network's access charge. We are not affiliated with Vanquis.

One of the easiest ways to contact Vanquis Bank is by phone – call this number 0843 504 7370 at 7p per minute plus network access charge to discuss your credit card or credit score.

Alternatively, phone 0330 099 3000 (local-rate & mobile-friendly) or even freephone 0800 781 6314 (free to call from UK landlines and mobiles).

Call 0800 781 9660 to report a credit card which has been stolen or gone missing.

To verify and activate your new Vanquis credit card, call this freephone helpline number: 0800 783 9003.

Email Vanquis’ parent company, Provident Financial about their competitively-priced credit cards or with a financial enquiry on this address:

Specialising in the rehabilitation of ordinary people’s finance, Vanquis Bank offer superb advice and payment plans that help improve credit scores as quickly as possible. Their credit cards are in partnership with global payment processor Visa also offer a legitimate and convenient method of taking on and paying back money.

How to contact Vanquis Bank

Get in contact with Vanquis on 0800 781 6314 (free to call) or 0330 099 3000 (local rate) – phoning any of these numbers will put you in touch with trained financial advisors and customer service representatives.

By phoning 0800 781 9660 you can report a card that’s missing or stolen to Vanquis’ customer support & security team.

Activating a new card you’ve received in the post is a matter of calling this freephone number: 0800 783 9003.

You can also enquire or seek customer service about Vanquis credit cards and finance products with an email to their parent company Provident Financial via

Whether you need to improve your financial standing, or obtain a credit card with a competitive APR rating, Vanquis bank will consider you. After investigating your credit score, they will see whether they can offer you a card and repayment plan geared toward improving your situation.

Phone Vanquis Bank customer services on freephone 0800 781 6314 (or local-rate 0330 099 3000) to discuss an account, credit or debit card, or other banking matter.

Building credit is not always that feasible or manageable – at Vanquis Bank, they know the struggles that accompany such a task, that’s why they make things a little bit easier with their Vanquis credit cards. With Vanquis credit cards, UK residents with bad credit or those who are just starting out building their credit can obtain a credit card and start on the right foot. They are a subsidiary of Provident Financial Group, making them a sound financial institution even though they were just established in 2003. Though relatively new, Vanquis Bank has already won the hearts of their millions of UK customers as evidenced by their winning the Credit Builder Card Provider Award by Moneyfacts Award two years running – 2015 and 2016.

If you’re not yet a customer but would like to enquire about obtaining a credit card with them, then you can go to and fill in the contact form below by clicking on the “+” button just to the right of “Thinking of applying?”.

Vanquis’ telephone numbers

  • You can also pick-up the phone and call their customer service line on 0800 781 6314 / 0330 099 3000.
  • You can also call the 24/7 automated QuickCall service at 01623 23 23 23.
  • If your credit card is lost or stolen call Vanquis Bank for assistance at 0800 783 9003 local or +44 161 444 4495 overseas.
  • If you’re calling about your credit card activation, contact them at  0800 781 9660 or 01623 23 23 23.
  • If you wish to inquire about your available repayment options, then contact them at 0330 099 3010.

Vanquis Bank also offers financial advice and financial help related to your account. If you find yourself in a bit of a bind, you can call them for assistance.

Contact Vanquis by Post

If you wish to write to Vanquis Bank or send some documents to them, please use this customer service address:

Vanquis Visa Card,
Customer Services,
PO Box 399,
ME4 4WQ,
United Kingdom.

If you wish to contact Vanquis regarding complaints, you can address your letter to:

Customer Action Team,
PO Box 399,
ME4 4WQ,
United Kingdom.