TNT Contact Number: 0800 100 600

Contact TNT on their freephone number 0800 100 600 to speak with a customer service advisor about your deliveries. They can help with parcel tracking and general enquiries, and this is a 24 hour phone number.

Who are TNT?

TNT are a private postal courier whose mission it is to ferry parcels and letters to & from places in the UK and internationally at record speed. Exceptional service and an advanced tracking system bolster their global network, which is comprised of a total of more than 58,000 employees. To this day the business is headquartered in Holland, which offers a central location with good transport links via air, sea and road, encapsulating the TNT model of moving goods at blistering pace.

Personal and business flexibility

The courier services TNT offer are varied between business customers with frequent mailing needs, and individuals who only need to post parcels or letters of a high priority nature from time to time.

A courier on the up-and-up

The strong commitment to good service, professionalism of staff and overall excellence TNT bring to the courier market has resulted in consistent success and profitable returns year by year.

Technologic advance and customer favourite

The trend looks set to continue for years to come, with the rollout of advanced tracking systems throughout the developing world set to bolster further the delivery matrix TNT has spent years assembling. Custom is on the rise, with greater numbers of people and companies choosing TNT for all their courier needs.

How to contact TNT

You can phone TNT by calling their freephone contact number 0800 100 600 for free or you can call their dedicated TNT Direct phone number 023 8073 9900 if you are a small business customer.

Phoning aside, there are other means of contacting TNT in the written medium…

Another way to get in touch with TNT is email – the company’s head office reception can forward your enquiry to the department best equipped to deal with your issues:

You can also contact TNT by filling out a detailed form on their customer service website which you can access here:

A further alternative to getting hold of TNT via phone is posting a letter to their head office address in Holland: TNT Customer Care, P.O. Box 13000, 1100 KG Amsterdam, The Netherlands.