Call Connection Service Tax Credits: 0870 042 0481 Calls cost 13p/min + your network's access charge. We are not affiliated with Tax Credits.

Contact HMRC’s Tax Credits advisors by calling 0870 042 0481 at £0.13 per minute plus access charge; or call their official local-rate mobile-friendly general enquiries helpline phone number 0345 300 3900.

As well as getting advice on any general enquiry about tax credits, you should call this HMRC helpline to order new tax claims forms or to notify tax credits about a change in your circumstances that will affect your tax credit payments. These circumstances include a change in your relationship status, a child leaving home or education/training or a substantial change in your working hours, please check the official HMRC Tax Credits website for a full list of circumstances you have to report to them.

You should also call Tax Credits on their main general enquiries phone number 0345 300 3900 to make a complaint about the tax credits service or how much money you are receiving through the service.

Please examine the table below to find the postal address that you need to use to contact Tax Credits for a general enquiry, to send a cheque or to make a new claim for Tax Credits. To download any tax credits claim or renewal forms please visit their dedicated website

Tax Credits Postal Addresses

Tax Credits General Enquiries Complain to Tax Credits Send a Tax Credits Cheque to HMRC Tax Credits Renewal or Application Forms
HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office,
PR1 4AT,
United Kingdom.
HM Revenue and Customs,
PO Box 64353,
United Kingdom.
BX5 5BD,
United Kingdom.
HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office,
Comben House,
Farriers Way,
L75 1AX,
United Kingdom.

Tax Credit Payments – 0345 302 1429

Phone the Tax Credit Payment helpline using their contact number 0345 302 1429 to speak to an advisor about when your tax credit payments will be made or to notify HMRC that you are having difficulties with a tax credit repayment. Calls to 0345 302 1429 are charged at the same rate as local calls to 01 and 02 UK area code phone numbers, therefore calling HMRC’s Tax Credit department from a landline will cost a variable per-minute rate, plus an additional call setup charge. Calling 0345 302 1429 from a mobile will be free provided you use free minutes that are included as part of your tariff.

Tax Credit Third Party Enquiries –  0345 300 3943

Contact HMRC Tax Credits by calling their local-rate phone number 0345 300 3943 if you are an authorised third party agent acting on behalf of a client or loved one. This helpline is suitable for all tax credit enquiries regarding your client’s tax credit payments and account balance.

HMRC Tax Credits Contact Numbers

Helpline Phone Number
Tax Credits General Enquiries & Complaints 0345 300 3900
Tax Credits Payments 0345 302 1429
Authorised Third-Party Agent Helpline 0345 300 3943
International Tax Credits Helpline +44 2890 538 192