Call Connection Service Sky: 0870 025 0501 Calls cost 13p/min + your network's access charge. We are not affiliated with Sky.

Phone Sky on 0870 025 0501 at 13p/min + access charge, or freephone 0800 151 2747 to speak with customer care about your Sky TV, Sky Broadband or Sky Talk service.

Sky is a complete entertainment company operating in the UK and 4 other countries in Europe, namely, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Austria. Sky offers their customers TV viewing pleasure via Sky TV, they offer fast internet via Smart Broadband, and telephone services via Sky Talk. Customers who wish to get the most value for their money, can get the best deals as offered by Sky to new and existing customers. Their customers, or potential customers, can also appreciate the fact that they can choose from the different Sky channels that show great TV programmes and movies.

If you want to contact Sky, then use the appropriate number that corresponds to the issue you’re experiencing.

  • If you want to contact them about your account, bills and payments, then call them on 0333 202 2133 to access their automated system or on 0344 241 1653 to speak to a Sky expert.
  • If you have problems with Sky TV, then call them on this Sky Contact Number: 03442 411 653.
  • If you are experiencing issues with your Sky Broadband, then call a Sky expert for support on 0344 241 1653.
  • If your Sky Talk service is currently experiencing some issues, then contact a Sky expert on 0344 241 1653.
  • If you want to complain about Sky Talk, Sky Broadband and Sky TV, then contact them on 0344 241 1653.
  • If your complaint is about a particular Sky TV App, then contact a Sky expert on 03442 411 599.
  • If you’re moving home and would like to bring your Sky Talk or Sky Broadband along with you, then call them on 0333 200 8000.
  • If you are having trouble with your Sky ID, then call them on 0344 241 1653 for assistance.

Remember that calls to these Sky Customer Contact Centres are free from any Sky Talk landline but are charged the same as 01 or 02 numbers from other networks if calling an 03 number, 7p/min plus access charge if calling an 0843 number, 13p/min plus access charge if calling an 0870 number, and completely free from standard UK mobiles and landlines when calling a freephone 0800/0808 number. Check your tariff to confirm call costs.

How to contact Sky Customer Services

Contact the Sky customer service team on this phone number: 0800 151 2747. They can help will accounts & billing, technical support with Sky TV & Sky Broadband, and all other Sky products & services.

British Sky Broadcasting (best known simply as Sky) is one of the four major providers of digital TV, broadband internet and landline telephone services in the UK today.

In direct competition with BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk, and coming from a TV programming background, Sky is the market leader in satellite TV, boasting many big-name channels of its own such as Sky Sports, Sky News and Sky Movies forcing competitors to buy in most major Sky channels while remaining unable to offer them all.

From their head offices in London, Sky serves the whole of the UK and Ireland with their tripple-barrelled home communications packages.

If you need to contact the Sky customer service team for technical support, billing support or to simply pay your bills, please call 0800 151 2747 or phone the appropriate number below.

Sky Customer Service Number: 0800 151 2747

You can always phone 0800 151 2747 for Sky Customer Service and general enquiries. This number is also suitable for billing support and technical support but please find their correct dedicated numbers below.

Sky’s Official Technical Support Number: 0844 241 1653

Phone the Sky technical support hotline (UK) 0844 241 1653 (or 020 7126 7020) if you’re having any problems with your Sky service, such as:

  • No satellite signal – if you get this error message, before calling Sky, please check the weather outside. Severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms, heavy, snow and strong wind can affect your satellite signal – if you’re experiencing severe weather please wait for the weather to return to normal before contacting Sky for help fixing your satellite signal.
  • Sky TV – setting up or fixing your On Demand service.
  • Broadband – connection problems.

Call costs – 0844 numbers

Unfortunately there is no freephone number for Sky technical support like there is with Sky billing support. The official technical support hotline is an 0844 number which costs 7p per minute plus your phone network’s access charge whether calling from a mobile or landline – beware! This is how they fund their call-centre service.

An alternative (cheaper) number

Calling the official 0844 241 1653 Sky technical support number is the same as calling 020 7126 7020 – a localised London number, except that the 0844 number costs more. Calls to 020 (London) numbers are no more than 10p per minute (plus a one-off “set-up” fee) when calling from a landline phone; and calls from mobiles can be up to 40p per minute. Costs of calls to local numbers such as 020 numbers are also dependent on the time of day you’re calling, for example, if you call in the evening it’s usually cheaper than calling in the afternoon. Also bear in mind that calls to local numbers (including 020 numbers) are generally included in any allowances of free minutes that your phone service provider may include in your package, however calls to 0844 numbers are not eligible for free minutes (this applied to both mobile and landline packages alike).

The official, non-geographical Sky technical support number (0844 241 1653) basically routes to the local, geographical, London number (020 7126 7020) via an extra layer of pricey 08 number interchanging, so you might as well simply call 020 7126 7020 directly and save money on your calls.

Sky Billing: 0800 260 0400

Whether you’d like to pay your bills over the phone or need support with the billing process, phone the billing hotline (freephone 0800 260 0400) and a friendly, dedicated Sky employee will be on hand to help.

Viewing your bill online or on your TV is easy – the billing support team can guide you through the process. They can also help you manage multiple accounts, and can investigate what’s gone wrong if ever your bill is not what you expect.

BSkyB Head Office: 020 7032 8000

Sometimes it may seem as though your complaints are falling on deaf ears. In such circumstances you may wish to contact the Sky Head Office in London on 020 7032 8000 or write to: British Sky Broadcasting, 1 Braham Street, London, E1 8EP.

Call costs – 020 numbers

The BSkyB head office phone number (020 7032 8000) is a localised London (020) phone number – this number is cheapest when called from another 020 (London) landline phone. Calls from other locations around the UK can be up to 10p per minute from a standard landline phone, and up to 40p per minute when calling from a mobile.

Sky Contact Number: 0800 151 2747

When calling Sky’s customer service phone line via 0800 151 2747, you’ll find a support advisor to expertly handle your enquiry efficiently and politely.

Having established itself as the foremost presence in British satellite television, in part because of a heavy draw from their Sky Movies and Sky Sports channels, Sky continues to strive for improvements on their customer experience. Together with its broadband Internet and traditional landline market, it’s no surprise more than one in ten UK homes possess at least one Sky service.

How do I find the best Sky contact number?

Telecommunications has advanced massively this generation – no wonder many customers of several firms end up confused regarding which number to call. Such fragmentation of business has frustrated Sky’s upper management, who would like to increase efficiency whilst maximising the company’s profits. Keeping customers satisfied makes for loyalty, hence a better long-term for everyone concerned. Fortunately Sky has combined its services into a single, convenient phone number for you to call: 0800 151 2747.

In spite of grappling with the realities of multiple services, their investment in staff and employees has paid off. Phoning Sky has never been better. Thanks to ever-improving skill and technical familiarity, Sky’s staff can deal with complaints as well as matters both financial and technical. If a problem is troublesome, staff can work together to resolve it as quickly as possible.

How can they help me?

In keeping with the model of competitors, Sky divides their call centre operations into four departments. These are complaints, queries, new customers, and cancellations. Each of these are intertwined with each other, and Sky’s training procedures were designed in the aim of navigating customers quickly.

The advent of Freeview and the growth of free WiFi has narrowed the appeal of Sky packages to customers who might have originally opted for a budget TV/Internet package. Once premium packages have plummeted in price owing to deals from rivals like TalkTalk and Virgin Media. Sky finds it must go beyond simple price competition and establish a level of customer service that convinces customers that it’s wise to remain on board. Addressing complaints and potential cancellations are now top priority.

Sky’s programming continues to be a big selling point. Top notch TV like Game of Thrones and Mad Men together with consistent coverage of Premier League football keep the scales tipped in Sky’s favour. Adding or subtracting services, even on a regular basis, can be done easily over the phone.

Phoning Sky vs contact by other means

To deal with the heavy workload a customer base of millions brings, Sky took to developing several methods and strategies to help solve problems.

Given how much our habits as consumers have changed since the early days of cable and satellite television, several communication channels opened. Occasionally issues will affect entire areas or cities: Sky’s social media presence on Twitter and Facebook has become popular in dealing with these issues. Likewise we’ve the live chat option on Sky’s website.

The relative youth of these services fail to meet the high standards expected of Sky in what is a mature market. The professionalism and efficiency of these venues, as well as those present on the help forums, has come under doubt what with the presence of irrelevant, poorly edited or out of date information.

Although difficulties remain for Sky, there’s high customer satisfaction concerning their revamped phone service. The expertise showcased by staff means your concern is certain to be dealt with.

Sky is still improving its methods of contact for customer service purposes, and it’s phone-based service remains the best method of support. For instant help, call Sky on 0800 151 2747.