QVC Contact Number: 0800 514 131

To contact QVC customer care, phone 0800 514 131 to chat about teleshopping or something you purchased. This number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To follow up on an order, you can call 0800 534 333 for free.

QVC is an international retail giant that hails from the US, but has a strong presence in many countries worldwide. The three letters constituting the company name stand for Quality, Value and Convenience. Being primarily offered on TV, QVC is true to its name. QVC is available to over 300 million homes via their broadcast channel and advertisements.

With the advent of the internet, QVC has also carved out a space as an excellent e-commerce retailer. According to their 2014 figures, more than a third of its business actually comes from their eCommerce & online presence. In that same year, it is also reported that they have shipped about 170 million products worldwide.

You’ll most likely find the solution to the issue you’re facing here but if you prefer, you can also contact their customer care team by phone:

QVC Phone Numbers

You can call QVC’s award-winning customer service team on their freephone contact number 0800 514 131. This line is open 24/7 making things a lot more convenient for their customers.

If you would like check up on the status of a particular order you’ve placed, then dial 0800 534 333.

QVC Online

If you have a question regarding QVC, the products that they advertise or even the services that they offer, then you can browse their FAQs for the answer here:

If you prefer to write them an email about the issues you have with their product or company, then you can email QVC directly using the ’email us’ option found at the bottom of their website:

If you use this form, be reminded that they will answer your queries within 72 hours.

If you prefer to tweet them, then you can send your 140 character messages @qvcuk. You can also interact with them at

Email QVC

For press enquiries, you can send the QVC press team an email on

QVC via the Web

If you’re feeling particularly formal or stylishly old-fashioned, then send them a letter at:

Customer Operations Centre,
South Boundary Road,
Knowsley Industrial Park,
L70 2QA,
United Kingdom.