Orange Contact Number: 07973 100 450

To contact Orange from your landline phone, phone their Pay as You Go customer service number 07973 100 450 or their Pay Monthly customer service team on 07973 100 150.

In the UK, one of the most popular mobile networks used to be Orange. The brand was a force to be reckoned with until its merging with an equally powerful rival, T-mobile in 2009. Because it was such a high profile merger, finalization of the implementation of the agreement was not completed until a few years later. Now, you can no longer get new subscriptions to Orange mobile, instead you will be redirected to join EE, the network that was formed from the union of Orange and T-mobile.

Today, the field of mobile telecommunications is one of the biggest fields of business in terms of reach because it seems that everyone you know has at least one phone. It doesn’t matter if they’re younger than 8 or older than 80, chances are they will have phone.

Mobile phones are considered indispensable modern day tools because they allow us to communicate with anyone we know, as well as the world at large, from anywhere in the world.

We may be at home, curled up in a ball watching our favourite TV show during a cold Sunday morning but we can still communicate with our friend who lives in another part of the country who may be out running. It’s modern convenience like this that truly makes the mobile phone a welcome addition to everyday life.

Telephone Numbers for Orange

If you’re a Pay as You Go Orange subscriber and you wish to contact them about any issue you may be facing with their network, then call the Orange customer service team on 07973 100 450 if you’re on a landline or mobile that is not registered under Orange Mobile. If you’re using an EE landline, the above mentioned number is also the one that you need to use.

If you’re a Pay Monthly Orange subscriber, then you can call Orange (from a landline) by dialing 07973 100 150.

Finally if you are an Orange small business customer and you are experiencing issues with your service you should call their dedicated helpline 07973 100 345.