Mr. Lender Contact Number: 0208 532 5022

Phone Mr. Lender’s Customer Service contact numbers 0208 532 5022 and 0208 532 1969 for enquiries regarding their payday loans and to make a repayment.

If you are someone who works for a living then chances are you will have a few of those months when you feel that what you’re earning just doesn’t pay for all your monthly expenses. It’s during these moments that you consider asking your close friends or your family for a loan, however there is a little bit of a risk of tainting your relationship with them because of the money you’re borrowing. It’s probably better not to risk it. Instead, what you can do is get a payday loan from Mr.Lender.

Mr. Lender offer a simple and efficient payday loan service. They’re frank and transparent when it comes to selecting the suitable loan and payment options with their clients. They also don’t ask for any up-front cash nor do they charge late-payment fees. This wonderfully thoughtful policy of theirs has made them a favourite amongst those in need of a quick short term loan. They are among the most recommended and highly-rated payday loan providers operating in the UK. They are very understanding and flexible and they have more than 10,000 5 star reviews on the popular company reviews website

Mr. Lender via Phone

If you’re interested in borrowing any amount of money between £100 and £1000, then contact Mr. Lender on their customer service telephone numbers 0208 532 5022 and 0208 532 1969.

You can call them up for general enquiries about their interest rates and to apply for one of their payday loans. Additionally you can call this number to get financial advice on making an early repayment and to notify them that you are having difficulties making the repayment on your loan.

If you would rather send them a relevant document or letter via fax then please use their dedicated telecopying number 0845 862 5900.

Email Mr. Lender

If you prefer to enquire with Mr. Lender via email then please use their dedicated email address, where you can also send document attachments.

Contact Mr. Lender via the Web

If you have a few questions about getting a loan with them then you can browse their FAQs on their official website

You can also send them an email by using their online contact form, where you can also send feedback and complaints.

Send Post to Mr. Lender

You can also send your letters of enquiry or feedback to Mr. Lender by using their official postal address:

Suite 105W,
Sterling House,
Langston Road,
IG10 3TS,
United Kingdom.