Maternity Allowance Contact Number: 08000 55 66 88

Phone Jobcentre Plus about receiving Maternity Allowance on their contact number 08000 55 66 88 – customer service advisors here can help you claim maternity leave benefit.

For many women of child-bearing age, pregnancy becomes a part of life – how big a part of life depends on the woman’s decisions and life choices. For those who become pregnant, their lives change dramatically. Aside from the various physical, emotional and psychological changes that a woman goes through during the entire pregnancy, she also has to undergo financial and occupational changes. The woman now has to think of supporting her unborn child and this becomes more difficult if she has to worry about her job security and her salary.

This is why Maternity Allowance is very important for the expectant mother to take care of herself and her yet-to-be-born child and be reassured in knowing that she will receive government support during her pregnancy.

The Maternity Allowance is not the primary benefit that a pregnant UK resident should claim but becomes your only option if you are not eligible for the Statutory Maternity Pay.

After filling in the form, you should then send it to the address printed on the form itself. If you are a UK resident you should send it to:

Wrexham Maternity Allowance,
Mail Handling Site A,
WV98 1SU,
United Kingdom.

Alternatively if you are claiming Maternity Allowance from abroad you should use their dedicated international address:

International Pension Centre,
The Pension Service 11,
Mail Handling Site A,
WV98 1LW,
United Kingdom.

You can also contact Jobcentre Plus if you have any questions regarding the Maternity Allowance or about your eligibility for the benefit.

  • If you’re making a new benefit claim then call them by telephone at 0800 055 6688 , 0800 023 4888 via MiniCom or 0800 012 1888 if you prefer to communicate in Welsh.
  • If you’re already have an existing claim and you would like to notify them about changes to your circumstances then you can call the Maternity Allowance contact number 0345 608 8610 via telephone, 0345 608 8553 via Minicom or 0345 608 8674 in Welsh.

To support your claim, you need to prepare some proof of your income or Certificate of Small Earnings Exemption, MATB1 certificate or documentation relating the due date of your baby from your doctor or midwife and if you were denied Statutory Maternity Pay by an employee, then ready your SMP1 form.

It usually takes 14 working days for a decision to be made regarding your application. If your request has been denied, you can ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration. This just means that you write to the office or department that gave the decision and appeal your case by saying why you think they made a mistake. You must include all forms of proof to support your claim. This should be done within a month of the release of the decision.