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Contact iTunes on this phone number 0870 042 0787 at 13p per minute plus network access charge to discuss Apple’s music and media download service.

Because of their innovations, style and overall uncompromising dedication to quality and excellence, Apple iTunes has become a household name the world over. Even though Apple is already available all over the world, they remain to be one of the most exclusive tech companies around. This is primarily due to their proprietary technologies and software.

Apple uses their own native mobile device operating system, iOS, and their own proprietary media manager: iTunes. Aside from being a media organiser, iTunes also doubles as a store where Apple users can purchase music, TV programmes, Movies, Apps and much more. With iTunes, you will also be able to sync your purchases with your Apple devices. It really is integral to the very experience of owning an Apple device, whether you’re on an iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac or Mac.

  • You can call Apple about iTunes via their freephone technical support contact number 0800 107 6285, or via their sales helpline 0800 048 0408, where customer service advisors offer help with any issues you’ve had with iTunes software or media downloading.
  • If you are experiencing some issues with regard to your iTunes service, then you can visit the Apple iTunes support page here:

By browsing this page, you will be able to learn so much about iTunes. From its purpose and function to downloading and managing content. The nitty-gritty of your account and billing is even explained here. You need only choose the specific topic you wish to be enlightened about from the choices to the right of your screen.

  • If you still prefer to contact Apple about issues or enquiries about your iTunes experience, then you can contact them by visiting here:

You first need to choose the issue that corresponds to the one you are experiencing before you will be given an option as to how you wish to contact them.

If you want to contact them by email, then use the contact form that will be presented. They usually answer email queries within 48 hours. Another option is for Apple Support to call you. You will be given a choice, whether you want them to call now or later at a time that suits you.

  • If you wish you can also become a member of their online community and find fellow Apple iTunes users who already have solutions to your particular issues here: