Call Connection Service iD – 0843 506 0496 Calls cost 7p/min + your network's access charge. We are not affiliated with iD.

Phone iD on this number 0843 506 0496 (7p/min + access charge) to discuss a mobile phone contract, or 7777 if you are calling from an iD handset. Additionally you can reach their customer service team by calling 0333 003 7777, which is charged at standard UK local rates.

No longer is Carphone Warehouse just a mobile phone retailer, it has now entered into the field of MVNOs with the introduction of its iD. As an MVNO, or Mobile Virtual Network Operator, iD doesn’t have any infrastructures and network of its own. Instead, it has an agreement with Three to piggy-back on their network.

Even as a newcomer to the field, iD is revolutionising the way mobile networks are in the UK. They have once again introduced the 12 month plan, which was virtually extinct with all the the 24 month plans being offered by the their networks. ID also offers caps which prevent you from going over your limit and ending up paying exorbitant fees. They also offer a switch plan, wherein you will be able to switch to their network without having to switch to a new number.

Contact iD via the Web

If you still have some questions regarding the products and services that they offer with their mobile network, then you can check out their FAQs here:

If you prefer not to speak with their customer advisors, then you can email them by filling in the contact form here:


If you’re still not satisfied with the answers you find in their FAQs, then you can contact them directly. If you’re on the iD network, then you can dial 7777 from your mobile. This will connect you to their customer service hotline. Calls to this number from your iD mobile are free.

If you wish to contact them but you’re not using an iD mobile, then dial 0333 003 7777. This number works from any other mobile or landline and you will be charged according to the network tariffs of the phone you’re using.

If you are interested in joining iD mobile or you would like further information about their plans and phones you can call their freephone sales helpline 0800 049 0250 for free.


You can also write to them by sending your post to:

iD Customer Services,
PO Box 356,
SO30 2PG,
United Kingdom.