HSBC Contact Number: 0345 740 4404

Phone HSBC on this contact number 0345 740 4404 to engage customer services with a banking enquiry.

HSBC is a clear world leader when it comes to banking. There are now 48 million individuals who depend on them for their banking needs worldwide. To provide for their millions of customers, they operate 6,100 offices that are strategically located in thriving business & economic centres of 72 countries.

HSBC aims to be the world’s leading international bank, this is why they take good care of their customers whether they are personal or business clients by helping them achieve their goals financially. Customers can choose from a host of products and services such as savings accounts and credit cards. They also offer premium banking services like private banking. Other services such as borrowing, insurance and investing are also available.

For general enquiries, contact HSBC about any of their services and products, by calling 0345 740 4404. If you’re overseas, call +44 1226 261 010.

For textphone, dial 0345 712 5563 if in the UK, or +44 207 088 2077 if you’re abroad.

For a specific HSBC banking department, contact one of the following:

  • If your HSBC credit or debit card is lost or stolen, phone the emergency number 0345 600 7010 . If you’re overseas, call +44 1442 422929.

To reverse a phone charge to HSBC when calling about a lost or stolen card, phone  +44 1442 422047. For textphone, dial 0800 028 3516 , or +44 1792 494 394 if overseas.

These emergency lines are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • To discuss home mortgages, call this freephone number 0800 169 6333.

Alternatively for textphone, dial 10800 028 0126 and 03456 010 750 textphone.

For individual investment products, phone this number: 0800 328 1298.

Alternatively, call either 18001 0800 028 0126 or 03457 660 391 to have a textphone call with HSBC.

  • Current accounts are handled on this freephone number 0800 169 5422.
  • If you’re considering switching to HSBC, call this contact number 0345 587 3430.
  • If you’re not a HSBC Bank customer but would like to contact them, you can use this helpline: 0345 040 626.

If you prefer to talk to a HSBC representative face-to-face, then you can use their branch locator at their web address