Equifax Contact Number: 0800 014 2955

If you wish to contact Equifax, then you can call their customer service team’s phone numbers 0800 014 2955 and 0333 321 4043.

Equifax is one of the most trusted credit reporting firms in the business. What a credit reporting firm does is generate a credit report on the individual being investigated.

If you’re a personal customer you can use this credit report to get a loan approval from your bank or even for employment – especially if you’re planning on working for a financial company that requires their employees to have an impeccable credit rating. If you’re a business client, then you would mainly use the services of Equifax to accomplish credit investigation on your potential employees.

Telephone Numbers for Equifax

There are many ways to contact the company but if you prefer to speak to them directly, then nothing beats just calling them on their customer service phone line. You can reach them by dialling the E.ON freephone helpline 0800 014 2955. If you prefer, you can also reach them on their local-rate 03 number, 0333 321 4043.

Email Equifax

Emailing Equifax about their credit reports is sensible – you can send your queries to: Customer.RelationsUK@equifax.com

Equifax via Post

If you prefer to be a little old-fashioned or if you prefer to have physical correspondence that you can easily keep or document, then you can send your queries to:

Customer Relations,
PO Box 10036,
LE3 4FS,
United Kingdom.