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Contact eBay customer service – call eBay on 0870 042 1148 at 13p per minute plus network access charge – this is the handy phone number to reach eBay customer service via our fast, automatic call-connection service.

ebay is the online market place that pioneered online bidding. On eBay, anyone can sell and buy items provided that they make a user account with eBay. In all honesty, the reliability and the trustworthiness of eBay sellers are always questionable. That’s why their system relies heavily on user-based feedback systems. Those with high positive feedback are thought to be the most reliable and those with little positive feedback and a host of negative feedback remarks are unreliable. Because of the vast reach of eBay, spanning across the world, and its relative user anonymity, there are a lot of instances wherein buyers are scammed out of their money.

If you require some form of assistance from the eBay representatives you can contact them by visiting The majority of the page will be populated by help topics and solutions to the more common problems. If you can’t find the answers to you particular concerns regarding eBay and your experience using this giant online marketplace, then you can click the “Contact us” button found below. After clicking on the button, you will be asked to sign in to your user account. By doing so, you will be able to enquire about specifics concerning your account. You can, however, click on “Continue” without signing in and you will still be redirected to their contact page here

You will need to first select if your concern is about “Buying”, “Selling” or “My Account”. After selecting one, you will be asked to provide information regarding a couple more things pertaining to your issue and finally, you will be given a choice whether to call or chat. The provided contact methods presented will change according to your answers in the previous questions. This is to ensure that your concerns are forwarded to the right customer representatives. Though, in general, you can contact Customer Support for any questions regarding your account and experience with eBay on this phone number: 0345 355 3229. This customer service helpline is open from 8am-10pm during weekdays and from 9am-6pm during weekends.

If you feel that your copyright and intellectual property rights have been violated by an eBay user, you can use this link to inform eBay of the infringement.

Official eBay contact telephone number – 0345 355 3229 – call this number to reach eBay customer service at standard rate.