To cancel your Vehicle Tax call 0300 790 6802

Contact the DVLA to cancel your vehicle tax by calling their national telephone number 0300 790 6802 which you can use to claim a refund on your direct debit payments.

DVLA car tax cancellations – 0300 790 6802

You can cancel your car tax by contacting the DVLA on their vehicle services phone number 0300 790 6802 which is useful if you are selling your automobile or exporting it to another country. Similarly if your automobile has been scrapped due to being written off by your insurer you can request a refund on your remaining direct debit payments, which are sometimes erroneously referred to as ‘road tax’ contributions. However please be aware that surcharges on 6-month payments as well as credit card charges cannot be refunded.

Once you have cancelled your vehicle tax you should dial this helpline following a period of 4 weeks if your refund cheque has not arrived in the post. Before requesting a refund you should ensure that your name and address details on your vehicle logbook (V5C certificate) are correct, if not you must update the DVLA before claiming back payments.

The DVLA vehicle tax office is open from 8am-7pm Monday-Friday and 8am-2pm Saturday however these hours may be reduced on UK bank holidays. Contacting this office will cost the same as phoning a local 01 or 02 number for the same period of time, this also means you will be able to call the Driving & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for free for cancellations if you get the use of inclusive minutes on your landline or mobile tariff.

Declare your vehicle as off the road – 0300 123 4321

Drivers can cancel their car tax by calling the DVLA on their vehicle registration phone number 0300 123 4321 to declare their car is no longer being driven on UK roads. Once you have filed for a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) your vehicle tax will automatically be refunded via a postal cheque. However as vehicle excise duty effectively acts as a road tax you will not be able to drive your vehicle on public highways after you have completed the cancellation.

Amend an incorrect vehicle tax cheque

If your vehicle tax refund cheque is incorrect, for instance you have changed your name since you filed for a cancellation, please write to the DVLA using this postal address to receive an amended payment:

Refund Section,
SA99 1AL,
United Kingdom.