Call Connection Service DVLA: 0870 042 1101 Calls cost 13p/min + your network's access charge. We are not affiliated with DVLA.

Contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) customer service team on 0870 042 1101 (13p per minute plus network access charge) or call them direct on their mobile-friendly number 0300 790 6801 for general enquiries and complaints over the phone.

To contact the DVLA, it’s usually best to phone 0300 790 6801 at local rate. The advisors on this helpline can also help with vehicle registration & tax, the driver checking service and medical issues although these all have dedicated helpline numbers listed below.

Alternatively browse the further contact details featured throughout this page, or see the DVLA page on for an exhaustive set of contact numbers and further contact details for the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

DVLA-regulated UK car tax

What is the DVLA?

The DVLA is the UK government department responsible for regulatory policy affecting road users throughout the country.

In simple terms, their goal is to provide licences to normal, safe drivers as efficiently as possible and to refuse licences to dangerous drivers; all the while taxing every user of Her Majesty’s roads.

Most working-class and middle-class families possess at least one roadworthy vehicle, and every vehicle has a limited lifespan. Combine this with regular tax renewal, speeding offences and changes in circumstance and it’s easy to see why the DVLA is inundated with thousands of enquiries a day – and that’s just the telephone calls.

DVLA phone numbers

Freephone numbers – The DVLA does not have a freephone 0800 or 0808 contact number, however there are mobile-friendly local-rate 03 numbers you can call to contact the DVLA – these numbers are eligible for use under free inclusive minutes allowances. Please find the most appropriate phone number for your needs below.

Registration & Tax Enquiries: 0300 790 6802

For vehicle registration and tax enquiries, phone the DVLA registration & tax helpline: 0300 790 6802.

Call this number if you’ve applied for a tax disc and it hasn’t arrived, or for general enquiries about car tax, tax discs, SORN and vehicle registration.

Lines are open Monday-Friday 8am-7pm, and Saturday 8am-2pm.

Calls are charged at local rate, and calls to 03 numbers are generally accepted for free mobile minutes allowances (unlike 08 numbers).

Driver Check Service: 09061 39 38 37

Hire car companies and employers can check the licences of people using their cars, provided they have the licence owner’s permission.

Phone the DVLA’s Driver Check Service on 09061 39 38 37.

BEWARE: While this is the official phone number for using the DVLA’s Driver Check Service, it is a high-cost premium-rate 09 telephone number – they’re about as expensive as phone numbers can get in the UK. Calls can cost several pounds per minute! Check the official DVLA website to learn more about how much this number costs to call, and speak to your telephone service provider to guidance if concerned.

Drivers’ Medical Enquiries: 0300 790 6806

If you have an enquiry about medical issues and how they may impact on driving (or vice versa) call the Drivers’ Medical Enquiries helpline on 0300 790 6806.

Lines are open: Monday to Friday, 8am to 5:30pm; Saturday 8am-1pm.

Calls to 03 numbers are charged at local rate.

General Enquiries & Complaints: 0300 790 6801

For general enquiries relating to driver licensing, or for complaints, or anything else that doesn’t have a more appropriate number, you can contact Drivers’ Customer Services (in the DVLA Correspondence Team) by calling 0300 790 6801 (mobile-friendly number, local-rate call costs).

Only call this helpline if you can’t find a more specific number relating to your type of enquiry.

Lines are open Monday-Friday 8am-7pm, and Saturday 8am-2pm.

DVLA Enforcer - traffic cop

If unsure which phone number to call when you need to contact the DVLA, call their general enquiries helpline in the first instance – phone 0300 790 6801.