Call Connection Service BT: 0870 042 0482 Calls cost 13p/min + your network's access charge. We are not affiliated with BT.

Contact BT customer services – call BT 24 hours a day on this UK phone number 0870 042 0482 at 13p/min + network access charge. You can call this phone number to swiftly contact BT customer services and make any general enquiries.

Contacting BT is quite easy. Other than using our call connection service, you could call them on 150 if you’re on a BT line or freephone 0800 800 150 if you’re using a non-BT landline or mobile phone.

If you’re a Business customer you can contact them by dialling 152 from a BT landline or by calling 0800 800 152 from any other network or device.

The BT customer service specialists can also be contacted via their contact page here: Choosing a topic from the given choices will bring you to a tutorial or a trouble shooting page complete with video explanations and tutorials.

For general enquiries, you can also contact BT on their London-based UK head office phone number 0207 356 5000.

You can also send a post to the following address:

Home Customer Services,
BT Correspondence Centre,
Providence Row,
DH98 1BT,
United Kingdom.

Business Customer Services,
BT Business Accounts,
Providence Row,
DH98 1BT,
United Kingdom.

You can also contact them through this webpage: On this page, there are
6 main choices to choose from, namely:

  • Your bill or account
  • Your order
  • Moving home
  • Problem with my service
  • Our products
  • Make a complaint

When you click on one of the choices and choose one of the subtopics provided thereafter, you will be given two options of contacting them: online chat and calling by phone. The period of availability is also indicated for both options. You merely need to choose which one you prefer and you’ll be connected with a customer representative ready to help you with your specific issues.

If you wish to see what other subscribers think of certain issues regarding the BT services, you can head to the BT community forum and read through forum threads or start your own. You can even interact directly with the forum admins about your specific issues if the solution has yet to be posted.


If you want to formally make a complaint and have clicked on the “Make a complaint” option, you will be redirected to this page: By following their 3 step process of first selecting a broad subject of concern, then providing some more details regarding the complaint and lastly corresponding with the BT complaints team directly through chat, email or call, BT hopes to solve your problems promptly. If after 8 weeks, your complaints are still not addressed to your satisfaction, you can ask for assistance from Ombudsman Services: Complain via this number 0330 440 1614 or via their website here:

About BT

BT is a broadband market leader not only in the UK but also in over 170 countries around the world. Even though, BT’s main expertise is in broadband technologies and services, they are no slouch when it comes to providing, phone, TV and mobile services. In fact, their bundles and packages are some of the more desirable in the market. With their Phone and BT Mobile services, customers can choose from a variety of packages and deals that would fit different preferences and tastes. This is also true for their TV services that are offered separately or as a bundle with their broadband packages. BT is also a leader when it comes to providing Sports packages with their BT Sport product aimed towards the most avid sports fan. With the BT Sport pack, subscribers no longer have any excuse of missing a match.