Asda Head Office Number: 0113 243 5435

Contact Asda on their head office phone number 0113 243 5435 for customer service advice on a grocery order and to make a complaint about a low payment on a home insurance claim.

Asda head office – 0113 243 5435

Contact the Asda UK head office by calling their Leeds telephone number 0113 243 5435 directly to make a formal complaint about the supermarket chain. For instance if you have been overcharged on your grocery order you can dial this helpline to apply for a refund, which is also suitable if you have been sent out of date produce. You can also call their corporate office to provide feedback on their store layout, cleanliness and the conduct of their customer service team.

The Asda HQ helpline is open from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday however there may be closures in effect on UK public holidays. Calls are charged at the same rate as phoning other local numbers which start with 01 and 02 area codes, this means you may be able to contact Asda headquarters for free if you get inclusive minutes on your tariff.

Asda customer services – 0800 952 6060

Phone Asda customer services for free by dialling their freephone contact number 0800 952 6060 to get technical support with an online shopping order, to find your nearest supermarket store and to purchase a gift card. You can also call this helpline to get a refund for George clothing items which do not fit, however certain garments including underwear cannot be exchanged. Furthermore you can call their customer care division to book an eye appointment at one of their in-store opticians, to re-order disposable contact lenses and to repair your glasses.

Asda Money – 0800 049 6089

Contact Asda Money for free on their freephone helpline number 0800 049 6089 to get a quote for their home insurance policies, to open a new current account and to report your credit card as missing. If you have recently suffered financial difficulties you should call this helpline to inform Asda that you are no longer able to keep up with your repayments as they may be able to restructure your debt. Note that if you have a serious complaint about an Asda financial product you should call their head office phone number 0113 243 5435, for example if you believe you have been underpaid on an insurance claim.

Asda Money financial products

  • Asda home & contents insurance: 0800 049 6089
  • Credit card:  0371 704 3369
  • Travel insurance: 0800 138 2373
  • Currency exchange:  0800 188 4002
  • Asda car insurance: 0333 222 4544
  • Van insurance:  0333 222 1052
  • Motorbike cover: 0844 409 7184 (7p/min + access charge)
  • Caravan insurance: 0844 409 8472 (7p/min + access charge)
  • Asda pet insurance:  0844 800 5407 (7p/min + access charge)

Asda Mobile – 0800 079 2732

Contact Asda Mobile customer services for free on their freephone number 0800 079 2732 to order a new SIM card, to sign up for a monthly contract deal and to upgrade your handset to the latest Android or iPhone model. You should also call this helpline to report a problem with your network coverage, their trained advisors will then inform you on how long the signal outage should last. You can also dial this helpline to notify their central corporate office that you wish to cancel your contract, however you may have to pay an early termination fee and you will need a PAC code to transfer your current number to a new network provider.

Asda telephone numbers

Asda department UK contact number
Asda head office 0113 243 5435
Customer services 0800 952 6060
George at Asda 0800 952 3003
Book an opticians appointment 0800 479 8716
Asda Mobile 0800 079 2732
Photos and gift cards 0800 479 8713
Asda Tyres 0800 9520 395
Travel insurance 0800 138 2373
Foreign currency exchange 0800 188 4002
Asda home insurance (7p/min + access charge) 0845 504 5232
Asda car insurance 0333 222 4544
Van insurance customer care 0333 222 1052
Motorbike policies (7p/min + access charge) 0844 409 7184
Caravan & motorhome cover (7p/min + access charge) 0844 409 8472
Over-50s life insurance policies 0800 202 8104
Asda pet insurance (7p/min + access charge) 0844 800 5407
Asda credit card enquiries 0371 704 3369

Asda head office address

Write directly to Asda House, where their head office is located, by sending your letters to their Leeds postal address:

Asda Group Limited,
Asda House,
Great Wilson St,
LS11 5AD,
United Kingdom.