Call Connection Service Amazon: 0870 042 0479 Calls cost 13p/min + your network's access charge. We are not affiliated with Amazon.

To contact Amazon customer service call this number 0870 042 0479 (13p/min + access charge) or freephone 0800 279 7234 from within the UK. Phone +44 800 279 7234 if you’re calling from outside the UK.

Further alternative numbers are featured below, including numbers for Amazon’s general enquiries team and for specific Kindle enquiries.

Amazon is one of the world’s oldest and strongest trading portals online. Competing with eBay, Amazon has no other competitors of similar stature, and unlike eBay, Amazon sells many of its own products which has earnt it the title of “the world’s largest online retailer”.

Everyone who browses the web much will have undoubtedly stumbled across Amazon many times – they’re especially big on book sales but sell everything – you can set up your own store there and sell your own products just like you can on eBay.

Being such a popular website, they’re inundated with enquiries, and inline with the done thing these days, they funnel as many troubled consumers into FAQs as they can. For those who still need answers, they have a ticketting system where you can post your question to Amazon’s support staff and patiently wait for them to reply online.

As for the good, old-fashioned telephone system, it does exist, but is a nightmare to track down. Here it is in all its glory. Happy phoning.

Amazon Phone Numbers

General enquiries

This is the general Amazon helpline, suitable for all enquiries. Please note that when you call you may be asked a series of questions to verify your identity.

Freephone from a UK landline (now also free from a mobile): 0800 279 7234.

Local Rate (London number): 0207 084 7911.

Kindle enquiries

If you have a question specifically relating to Kindle, then please call the dedicated Kindle helpline below.

Freephone from a UK landline (expensive from a mobile): 0800 496 2449.

Local Rate (London number): 0203 356 6212