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Welcome to Number Menu – the ultimate database of UK customer service telephone numbers online, supplemented by call forwarding services powered by Number Expert.

We are a UK business directory, dedicated to featuring hard-to-find customer service phone numbers and alternative contact details for popular companies around the UK. One day (god willing) on this site you’ll find customer service numbers for all the top companies in the UK. We also offer to connect you to many of these companies via our call forwarding services.

Some companies hide their contact details behind a barrage of FAQs, while others are more forthcoming with their customer services contact details. We don’t discriminate – we offer as many contact details as we can for as many companies as possible based on popular demand.

Often you find yourself needing to track down the number of a popular but hard-to-reach company’s customer service team. Big companies are not always easy to get in touch with, so bookmark this site in case you ever need to make a quick customer service phone call in future and find the number you once knew is no longer available – we’ve got your back and will put you straight through from our number even if the company’s own number changes.

Featured Companies

Sky HD Box Commercially, Sky tops our list as the most popular company for UK consumers to seek customer service assistance from over the phone.

Meanwhile, the DVLA tops our list of government bodies that British citizens are looking to contact over the phone. Their telephone advice services range from help with vehicle registration and taxes, to processing medical issues and running a premium-rate Driver Check Service.